Where Costco comes for the right roof, every time, every location.

Polyfoam Roof / Single Ply Roof / Urethane Metal Roof Coating System



Costco stores may look similar, but each has a unique set of roofing challenges based on its geographic location, climate and the condition of its existing roof. At Barrier, we understand these challenges and offer a variety of solutions for Costco stores in all areas of the United States.


  • Polyurethane foam roofing
  • Single-ply roofing
  • Urethane metal restoration system


We offer three basic roofing systems for Costco stores: polyurethane foam, PVC single-ply and metal urethane coating. Each of these is customizable to accommodate virtually any set of geographic, climatic or roofing conditions. Which is why Costco trusts Barrier to provide the best roofing solution for each unique store.

Project Name: Costco
Location: Multiple
Facility Type: Retail Warehouse Stores
Substrate: Various

“Barrier provides consistent quality workmanship while making every effort to meet the contract scope and deadlines of a challenging construction schedule. They don’t deviate from their high safety standards, even under the most fast-paced schedules. Barrier’s people are top notch professionals that work well with other contractors.”

Wes Clayton , Quality Control Manager, Span Construction & Engineering

Costco facilities protected by Barrier

Huntsville, AL
Folsom, CA
Aloha, OR
Miami, FL
Norfolk, VA
Sunnyvale, CA
Edmonton AB, Canada
Winnipeg MB, Canada
King of Prussia, PA
Santa Cruz, CA

Manteca, CA
Novato, CA
Charleston, SC
Lakewood, CA
Fremont, CA
Juneau, AK
Colorado Springs, CO
Brandon, FL
Napa, CA

Goleta, CA
Hawaii Kai, HI
Iwilei, HI
West Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Interlomas, Mexico
Puebla, Mexico
Monterrey, Mexico
Jalapa, Mexico

San Leandro, CA
Kirkland, WA
Portland, OR
Waipahu, HI
San Jose, CA
Kona, HI
Eureka, CA
Lantana, FL
Vacaville, CA
Gig Harbor, WA




“In my business, time is money. I know the job is going to be done with Barrier, and I can move on to the next project.”
John Kashian, Caddis Properties
Having completed over 65 successful projects with Barrier Roofing as a part of the Span Construction team, I can without question recommend them for your next project.
Ernie Brandi, Span Construction and Engineering Inc.
Barrier nitro coating was applied to the walls, floor and ceiling in our new dairy milking barn. We are completely satisfied – not only is it very durable, but it also cleans up very well without much effort.”
Frank D. Borba, FDB Holsteins
Barrier put a polyurethane foam roof over 200,000 square feet at our facility, which has saved us over 30% on our energy bill – and without any leaks!
Jim Reed, Charles Krug Winery