Performance & value for the long haul

State-of-the-art silicone roofing systems are extremely popular with building owners in need of roof restoration, saving them significant time, money and hassle. If you’re wondering if silicone is the right solution for your situation, we’ll introduce you to the process and the benefits to help you make an informed decision.

If you own a commercial, industrial or residential building with a roof that’s old, worn, leaking, losing energy or failing in some other (non-structural) way, there’s no easier or faster way to renew it than with a silicone roofing system. It just requires a thorough power washing, and in rare cases, an application of primer. If your roof has some particularly tricky protrusions, a layer of polyester fabric and some caulk may also need to be applied.

Then, your roof is ready for the spray-on silicone coating to be applied. Usually one coat is more than adequate to seal the surface and give your roof many years of new life and performance – all with no roof deck modifications or structural changes required.

Because silicone coating is sprayed directly onto the existing roof surface as a liquid, it forms a seamless, waterproof membrane that seals your structure from the elements, prevents leaks and resists ponding water. The coating also reflects the sun’s rays, keeping the interior of your building cooler and more comfortable.

The best benefits under the sun

Compared to other restoration options, silicone roofing systems offer benefits that can’t be matched. In fact, according to many building owners, silicone roofing systems lead the pack in every key category:

  • Unbeatable lifespan – no other coating matches the long-lasting performance of silicone, which can add years to the life of many structures
  • Time savings – silicone roofing systems require little or no fabric reinforcement and minimal roof preparation
  • Cost savings – silicone systems apply quickly & easily, using 50% less material than acrylic, its closest competitor
  • Eco benefits – covering the existing roof surface with a silicone coating eliminates tear-off and landfill waste
  • Cool Roof benefits – silicone coating meets Cool Roof criteria, lowering roof surface temperatures by up to 60oF
  • Low maintenance – unlike other roof coatings, silicone won’t degrade, chalk or crack under harsh sunlight
  • Water-handling performance – silicone roof coatings form a watertight membrane that withstands leaks & ponding
  • Long warranty – due to their long-term performance, most silicone roofing systems offer attractive extended warranties

The end of the re-roofing cycle?

While contractors champion the time and labor-saving benefits of silicone roof systems, building owners tend to focus on the systems’ longevity. In many cases, one application is all it takes to give an old roof a new lease on life – often for the life of the property or the owner. In such cases, silicone roof systems are truly a “once and for all” solution, versus the endless cycle of re-roofing that persisted before.

Other consumer-friendly benefits include the fact that silicone coatings can be applied to virtually any roofing surface at any pitch, from flat to steeply sloped, to create a seamless membrane more quickly than any other coating process. And silicone systems use approximately 2 gallons of product per 100 square feet versus 4-5 gallons for other systems, for money-saving efficiency property owners appreciate.

The science behind silicone’s success

Science reveals the secret to silicone’s impressive performance as a roof coating.

Because silicone isn’t water-based, it absorbs zero moisture. When applied as a roof coating, silicone protects against ponding without softening or bubbling, while delivering excellent resistance to mold, mildew and staining.

In fact, silicone’s resilience is one reason it’s the roofing solution of choice in the construction industry, standing up to harsh weather conditions far better than organic-based coatings.

And when used to rejuvenate an existing roof, silicone coatings provide superior adhesion to virtually any type of material, including metal roofs, built-up roofing, mineral cap sheet, single-ply, polyurethane foam coatings and more.

The greenest roof is actually white

Silicone not only outperforms all other roofing systems, it outsmarts them when it comes to energy efficiency as well.

The reflective, Energy Star-rated coatings meet or exceed all Cool Roof standards, lowering cooling costs by reducing the roof surface temperature by up to 60oF. Additionally, silicone’s distinctive white membrane delivers higher solar reflectance and energy efficiency than other coating systems.

And because they contain a high percentage of recycled content with no crystalline silica and no need for roof tear-offs, using silicone roofing systems can even contribute to LEED design points – a key consideration for builders.

In conclusion…

Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best – which explains why the fast, convenient, long-lasting silicone roofing system is applauded by contractors and building owners alike. For anyone looking to restore and rejuvenate a tired old roof, silicone may well be the best answer.