Help your building keep its cool.

Barrier offers spray-on polyurethane foam insulation systems for virtually any commercial, industrial or residential application, cold storage, wine tanks and building envelope.

Applications: Retrofit or New Construction

  • Cold Storage: seamless applications including vapor barrier options designed for temperature control facilities
  • Tank Insulation: applications to fully insulate wine, water, sewage and more
  • Airtight Insulation: spray-on insulation to walls, studs, ceiling and attics


• Energy Efficient: high R value available
• Continuous Barrier: against moisture, gas, odor, noise and more
• Versatile: reduces energy usage and adds protection to roofs, walls, tanks and more
• Creates an Airtight Environment: for protection against dirt, mold and irritants
• High-Tech Solution: for the entire building envelope

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Cold Storage Insulation Video