Durable waterproof protection? We’ve got you covered.

From food containment areas to waterproof pedestrian decks, Barrier’s industrial coating capabilities can provide a durable, waterproof, protective coat over virtually any surface.

Applications: Retrofit or New Construction

  •  Industrial Coatings: waterproofing applications to almost any surface
  • Painting: commercial/durable painting
  • Corrosion Proofing: durable systems over almost any substrate to protect against rust
  • Structural Strengthening: coatings using carbon fiber to enhance durability of structures, beams, concrete surfaces, manholes, ect.
  • Auto/Pedestrian Decks: waterproofing for concrete traffic decks
  • Food Processing: USDA clean room solutions
  • Secondary Containments: coatings that stand up to the toughest chemicals
  • Tank Linings/Pond Linings: coatings for potable and non-potable water, wine, sewage, and more


• Resistance to Aging: protection from rust, corrosion, abrasion and harsh chemicals

• Protection from the Environment: water, outside elements, deterioration

• Expert Installation: with minimal disruption to your business

Roofing System Videos

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