This California company makes beverages and its own energy.

381 kilowatt Solar Power System



Keeping beverages cold is vital in preserving their quality, but the cost of electricity for cooling this large facility was prohibitively expensive. This was greatly alleviated when Barrier installed a 2” polyurethane foam insulated roof system to improve the building’s insulation. But the client desired even greater efficiency and long-term energy savings, while enhancing the facility’s green-friendly qualities.


Barrier installed 32,000 sq. ft. of photovoltaic panels on the facility’s roof – part of a solar power system generating 500,000 kilowatts of electricity per year for the client’s operation.


Since Barrier installed the power system, our client’s monthly electrical bill has been $0. The company is generating more than enough electricity to meet its own needs, and selling the excess to the electric company. We filed for rebates and incentives on our client’s behalf, and helped the client leverage the 30% federal rebate and the California Performance Based Initiative (PBI) rebate it received for producing its own energy. Additionally, the facility is now more green-friendly, producing a significantly smaller carbon footprint than before. The client expects the system to pay for itself in just 6 years.

Project Type: Beverage storage facility
Client Name: Valley Wide Beverage Co.
Location: Fresno CA
Number of Panels: 1905
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 500,000
Square Footage 90,000

“Barrier knows energy savings.”

Lou Amendola, Owner, Valley Wide Beverage Co.

“Having used them in the past for our insulated roof, I knew we could trust Barrier to help us make the switch to solar power. They did not disappoint. Barrier worked with us to design a custom solar energy system for our plant that resulted in zero energy consumption, and they did it all without interrupting our workflow. Barrier knows energy savings, and have earned our trust.”

Lou Amendola, Owner, Valley Wide Beverage Co.

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