To save money with roofing and solar, this fruit giant picked Barrier.

Cool roof and 1.3 megawatt Solar Power System

Fruit processing facility in Fresno, California


Located in the heart of the world’s most productive agricultural region, it’s no surprise that Trinity Fruit Sales’ facility in Fresno, California, is one of the world’s largest fruit processing plants. When the client hired Barrier to install a cool roof and solar, their immense structure presented some king-sized challenges, including: working with PG&E on one of its first NEM2 projects, incorporating over 30 inverters into the solar design, and installing both the roof and the solar energy system without disrupting the processing operation.


A thorough analysis of the client’s energy and structural requirements enabled Barrier to custom-design a state-of-the-art cool roof and solar energy system. Despite the scope of the project (this project is the largest Solaredge installation on record), Barrier was able to replace the facility’s original roof with an energy-efficient cool roof and install a roof-mounted solar energy system with over 4,300 panels, without interfering with the client’s workflow.


By ensuring our work met PG&E’s NEM2 requirements, Trinity Fruit Sales not only sees substantial savings on their electric bill, but receives credits to offset the cost of their energy usage. And because Barrier utilized over 30 Solaredge inverters in the design of the solar energy system, the client is able to see data at the panel level in real time.

Project Name: Trinity Fruit Sales
Facility Type: Fruit Processing
Roof Substrate: Metal
Roof Sq. Ft: 98,000
Roof Coating: 2” poly foam (R14) silicone 25-year coating
Solar Mount: Roof
Number of Panels: 4330
Inverters: Solaredge
Annual Kilowatt Hours: 1,885,000

“Barrier ‘got’ us immediately. That was huge.”

David White, Trinity Fruit

“The Barrier team understood that our business runs on data, from crop inputs to international trade figures to energy consumption. That depth of understanding shows in their work and in our energy savings. We’re very impressed.”

David White, Trinity Fruit




“In my business, time is money. I know the job is going to be done with Barrier, and I can move on to the next project.”
John Kashian, Caddis Properties
Having completed over 65 successful projects with Barrier Roofing as a part of the Span Construction team, I can without question recommend them for your next project.
Ernie Brandi, Span Construction and Engineering Inc.
Barrier nitro coating was applied to the walls, floor and ceiling in our new dairy milking barn. We are completely satisfied – not only is it very durable, but it also cleans up very well without much effort.”
Frank D. Borba, FDB Holsteins
Barrier put a polyurethane foam roof over 200,000 square feet at our facility, which has saved us over 30% on our energy bill – and without any leaks!
Jim Reed, Charles Krug Winery