GreenSceneCommercial property owners looking to save money, increase their property values and reduce their carbon footprint can achieve these goals, and take advantage of additional benefits, with Barrier’s solar carport program.

If you own a commercial property that doesn’t have a lot of roof space for solar panels, solar carports are a terrific solution. The carports can cover as few as three stalls, or literally thousands, and the solar systems atop the carports can produce anywhere from 10 kilowatts of power to a megawatt of power.

“These solar carports have a short return on investment,” noted Andy Zavorek, director of sales at Barrier. “Putting them up comes at a reasonable price, and the benefits are immediate.”

Installing a solar energy system reduces energy costs for the property owner and for tenants, and provides some much-needed shade during the Valley’s hot summers.

For more information on installing a carport-based solar energy system, call Barrier at 559-233-1680 and set up a free site evaluation.