BlairJust over 16 years ago, I returned to my roots in the roofing industry to start Barrier. My family has a four-decade history in the construction business, and after stints in professional golf and commercial real estate, I came back to what I knew best.

Over the years, I’ve been honored to have earned the business of national corporations and Valley homeowners. It’s been fulfilling to be able to expand into solar energy systems and to apply our knowlege of roofing and energy efficient products to our customers.

We’ve had some challenging projects along the way, from restoring helicopter hangars to turning a vintage 1930s building completely green with solar power and an energy-efficient roof.

But no matter the project or the challenge, I made every effort to stick to the basic principles that were front-of-mind when I started Barrier: out-work everybody else; earn new business through glowing referrals; stay informed and on top of every single job; stay ahead of the product and technology curve; train and keep qualified employees; promote a family atmosphere.

Looking back, it’s these principles that have allowed Barrier to succeed and expand.

A sincere “thank you” to all of our clients over the past 16 years who have invited us into their businesses and homes. Here’s to many more successful decades, for Barrier, and for the commercial clients and homeowners we are proud to serve.