Sal_88x93Costco customers are renowned for their loyalty, but Barrier field technician Sal Ensign likely spends more time at Costco than any customer in the United States.

That’s because Ensign, a 14-year employee with Barrier, is the man in charge of the roofing updates at dozens of Costco stores nationwide.

Ensign oversees the application of urethane metal restoration systems at the various stores. And while all Costco’s have a similar appearance, each has a unique set of roofing challenges based on its geographic location, climate and the condition of its existing roof.

“I enjoy what I do,” Ensign described. “I like seeing something that’s in bad shape and then looking at it again when the new roof is on and all repairs are made and thinking, ‘hey, I did that.’”

He says he doesn’t mind the long work days because he appreciates “seeing the world” through his work on stores nationwide.

Prior to joining Barrier, Ensign worked for Cambridge Homes in Fresno. He says he’ll be a lifer at Barrier thanks to the sense of family he’s found there. He can’t imagine working anywhere else.

Ensign has been married to his wife, Janean, for 16 years and has three daughters and a son.