MainPicAt Barrier, we’re proud of the exciting and challenging projects we have the pleasure of working on with clients. Helping clients improve energy efficiency, achieve savings on their energy bills and often even generate energy on-site with solar energy systems gives us incredible satisfaction.

One recently completed project for Valley Wide Beverage Co. of Fresno, California, is an outstanding example of this three-pronged approach.

The initial challenge was to aid the company in keeping its large beverage storage facility cool in the hot California climate. Of particular concern was the packing station where beverages await transportation after being removed from cold storage, and need to be kept cool to preserve quality. Another requirement of the project was improving the roof at the site which was no longer working to keep dust and dirt out of the building.

To address these issues, Barrier installed a 2-inch polyfoam roof system over the entire facility and applied 4 inches of foam to the interior of the site’s cold storage unit. We also painted and texture coated the exterior of the 90,000-square-foot facility.

Barrier also installed close to 2,000 solar panels on the facility’s roof to allow Valley Beverage to produce its own clean energy.

The result – with the improved insulation, the facility is more energy-efficient than ever and the packing station is 30 degrees cooler than before. With the coolers running less frequently, Valley Wide Beverage is enjoying significant savings on its energy costs; and the solar system allows the company to offset the majority of those costs.

“We want to make our clients’ businesses as efficient as possible,” said Blair Cunnings, CEO of Barrier. “That means addressing the entire building envelope – the roof, the insulation issues and the ability to produce clean energy. The Valley Wide Beverages project is an outstanding example of our ability to protect our client’s property and their profits with a total-facility approach.”