Regular scheduled maintenance can significantly extend the life of your roof, giving you unbeatable value and performance well into the future. That’s why Barrier recommends our roof maintenance service for the polyurethane roofing systems we install. Allowing Barrier to maintain your roof not only prevents leaks and prolongs its performance, it can also result in reduced costs when the time comes to re-coat and re-warranty your roof. All maintenance is performed by our experienced roofing professionals who undergo continuing education and safety training. All to help Barrier prolong the life of your roof and provide the service you deserve.

Coverage Includes:

  • Cleaning drains, scuppers & gutters of foreign material
  • Repairing membrane damage up to 1% of total roof area
  • Inspecting all flashing & sealing any open flashing
  • Inspecting blisters or loose roof areas & repairing if leakage is likely
  • One-year guarantee of all inspected repairs

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