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No two roofs – or roofing challenges – are alike.  That’s why Barrier offers a wide variety of systems designed to solve a multitude of roofing problems with minimal disruption.  Our foam roof systems are just the beginning!  Barrier also applies a full range of roofing systems made with cutting-edge engineered compounds that deliver greater longevity and astonishing energy savings.  All provided with painstaking preparation, careful application and the highest quality materials available.  No wonder Barrier cool roofs come with the longest guarantees around!

Applications: Retrofit or New Construction


Ideal for new and replacement roofs, our polyurethane foam system puts a protective, waterproof coat over even the most unusual profiles, including domes and slopes.  We can also insulate your tanks, freezers, coolers, piping and ductwork with polyurethane foam, for the ultimate in protection and efficiency!


With single-ply roofing, flexible sheets of rubber or plastic compounds are used to cover the roof surface. A versatile option for many building types, single-ply roofing delivers strength, flexibility and durability for long-lasting protection.


Breathe new life into your metal roof with our performance-enhancing coatings, ideal for metal roof reconditioning!


Barrier’s acrylic restoration systems offer cost-effective protection for any type of roof, including built-up roofs.


• Cool Roof Systems: to meet state requirements & save energy costs

• Expert Installation: with minimal disruption to your business

• Green-Friendly: energy-efficient, long-lasting roofing solutions

• Peace of Mind: with 10-, 15- and 20-year warranties

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