Project Description

Lyons Magnus knows:
No one seals and strengthens like Barrier.



This project gave us several challenges to deal with, including the fact that the existing roof could not be torn off without shutting down the client’s operation. This resulted in the need for a lightweight system that wouldn’t overload the wood structure. The roof needed a finish durable enough to handle high traffic, yet flexible enough to handle the expansion and contraction of the wood structure.


  •  Cleaned food by-products from existing roof
  • Repaired 3 large areas affected by dry rot
  • Applied 1 1/2” of polyfoam and a Nitrocoat basecoat
  • Applied white granules during coating process to deter birds


Barrier ended up custom-specifying a high-tech urethane system that met all of these requirements. We succeeded in meeting the many challenges, and strengthening the area by applying a urethane base coat – 10 times stronger than polyurethane alone.

“Our project was very complicated because of all the equipment we have on top of the roof. Barrier was very meticulous, and did lots of prep work to accomplish what we needed and make sure the job was done to our satisfaction. They didn’t cut corners; they did the job right, and were very good with follow-up. We found Barrier to be efficient, easy to work with and geared toward customer satisfaction.”
John Marr, Lyons Magnus
Project Name: Lyons Magnus
Location: Fresno, CA
Facility Type: Food processing facility
Square Footage 65,000 sq. ft.
Substrate: Built up Roof