Project Description

For the world’s top cheesemaker, Barrier stands alone.



The challenge
Long before construction began on the facility, Barrier consulted with the design team to develop an insulative roof system that was specific to the unique needs of the world’s largest privately-owned cheese manufacturer.


  •  Applied 3” Isoboard (R21)
  • Used spray poly glue foam adhesive, not fasteners, to avoid thermal bridging
  • Applied 2” foam (R14) elastomer vapor barrier, and urethane hard top coat


Barrier was able to apply the system outside of the building instead of inside, which was not only cleaner for the client, but also provided enhanced insulative value. The result was 30% more efficient than the typical solution, and all parties felt that Barrier’s contribution to the consultative process was a success.

“We used Barrier on a 176,000 square foot cold storage warehouse, and we had some very difficult weather conditions and other circumstances during construction, but Barrier performed very well. I’m a very picky individual, and when I inspected that roof with a fine tooth comb, it was complete – no leaks, no problems, nothing I had to deal with. I believe strongly that Barrier Roofing is concerned about satisfying the customer. That’s not always easy, but they’ve performed.”
Tom Reeser, property manager, Hilmar Cheese Co.
Project Name: Hilmar Cheese
Location: Hilmar, CA
Facility Type: Cold storage facility
Square Footage 176,000 sq. ft.
Substrate: Metal deck